Wartrol Wart Remover Review

Here’s my unbiased, objective report on this very popular wart removal treatment…

I spent a lot of time investigating and this is here are my results. The most accurate and up-to-date info regarding Wartrol. The good and the bad, the truths and the myths. Below you will find all the facts you need to make an informed decision about this herbal wart remedy.

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WARNING: Where NOT To Buy Wartrol


We all love Amazon and eBay, but did you know that they don’t actually sell herbal products. They let third party vendors stock the products and sell them on their site!!  And they take no responsibility for the contents of what you receive!  Please don’t take that chance!

There are other sites around that will sell you Wartrol but they are not selling you a cheap knock off.  To be safe (And Smart) only purchase Wartrol from their Official Website.

wartrolreviewofferWhen you order from the Wartrol Manufacturer Website itself, where you will find the original, FDA Approved ingredients Wartrol.  And, as equally important, the developers and manufacturers website always has the best prices and package deals.  They might be running a deal where they are offering a FREE bottle when you buy certain packages, or a percentage off.

Your Wartrol order arrives in a very discreet package so even if somebody else receives your package they will not be able to tell what is actually inside. A really nice touch!

The manufacturers of Wartrol have been in business for over 20 years and offer a 100% no questions, no quibble money back guarantee.

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On To The Real Details………Does Wartrol Really Work??

There are two groups of people. It works very well for the first group, but the second group doesn’t get the desired results. What does the first group do that the second group of people don’t? They FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS!!  Use the product exactly as directed and don’t stop until you’ve done the entire treatment. Follow the instructions on the package when you use Wartrol and pay specific attention to:

  1.  Not touching  or scratching the warts, which might irritate them and also cause spreading them to other individuals or other extremities.
  2.  Making sure to protect your sexual partner and inform them about your condition, and.
  3. Washing your hands regularly for at least 20 seconds at a time, with a good soap. These directions are important to keep you safe from disease in general.


Real Wartrol User Reviews:
I did a lot of digging to find positive and negative comments about Wartrol from actual users.  I was pleasantly surprised that I found a lot more positive comments that I was actually expecting. Here’s just a few;

“It did it for me! Love it!    Wartrol did it for me and I heard it should be effective for most people and that it works on all types of HPV, well, at least it did it for me! I have also noticed that Wartrol is also very good for the prevention of them coming back.” – Jason. Greensboro, North Carolina                                      

“Warts are getting smaller by the day!  My best friend recommended wartrol from my warts about a month ago. My experience with wartrol is really good and even though the warts are not completely gone, I can certainly see substantial improvements and warts are getting smaller by the day. Itching and discomfort are also gone. Waiting to see what will happy in a couple of more weeks, I have to mention that I waited on them for a long time to see if they’d go by themselves and my situation got a lot worse, so my case is very bad and will obviously take longer than a normal case.”  – Billy. Arlington, TX

“It worked for me and my husband! Wartrol is a very good (probably the best) product that gets rid of genital warts and makes you feel more confident knowing that they won’t show.”  – Lynne E, Atlanta, GA

I did find a handful of reviews and testimonials from Wartrol users who said it didn’t work for them, however the majority seemed to be actually delighted with their results. Many of the unhappy testimonials appeared to be advertising other revealed removal products. Hmmmmm? Reminded my of Pepsi bashing Coca-cola to try and get you to try their product. I wondered if the individuals giving the negative Wartrol reviews actually tried it at all?


Where’s The Proof?

I found that Wartrol has actually been checked clinically, which recognizable improvement has been shown at 3 weeks, though even more long-lasting outcomes may take 2 months or more. It is not a medicine so it hasn’t already been put through the same testing as a pharmaceutical, but the ingredients of Wartrol have been approved by the FDA. Most individuals reported that if they followed the instructions for 3 months they have full wart removal.

What Exactly Is Wartrol?

Wartrol is a non-prescription wart cleaner for warts triggered by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). According to the business, it is fast-acting and painless, both safe and effective at removing warts from HPV.

Warts generally are very irritating, contagious and can truly trigger a lot of pain and embarrassment. For this reason it’s important to obtain the best product to resolve the problem instantly. It is likewise important to eliminate the warts entirely and as soon as possible. As time passes they spread making it much tougher to obtain rid of them later on.

Warts aren’t something that you must hope “will simply disappear”, although, with particular types, they can vanish for a while. In most cases they will style up later on and have actually spread out even further. You have to take some instant action.

I advise you NOT to wait and wish for your warts to go by themselves as this can get truly, truly bad. Just browse around the image websites to see how bad it can get. (I will not do that again!).

Why is Wartrol Different?

There are a few reasons that make Wartrol a little various from the rest: One of the reasons is that, allegedly due to its efficiency, it has become a popular subject of conversation lately as it has actually been featured and talked about in locations like The Oprah Show, MSN, Dr. Oz, CNN.com, MSNBC, and USAToday. And other established, reputable media outlets.

What Are Wartrol’s Ingredients ??

More good news about the components in Wartrol: There are claims that each of the ingredients has actually been scientifically proven and authorized by the FDA for use in the safe removal of warts. Yet the company mentions that these components have never ever before been combined to make a full formula until now, in the Wartrol solution.


- Tree of Life Thuja Occidentalis AKA Arbor Vitae.
- Potassium Hydrate Causticum.
- Nitric Acid Nutricum Acidum.
- Baptisia Tinctoria, Wild Yellow Indigo.
- Black Sujlphide of Antimony Antimony.
a few other natural ingredients to smooth out the formula (small dosage)

Just because this formula is derived from natural homeopathic products don’t make the mistake of thinking it isn’t a powerful agent in dissolving warts!

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How Does Wartrol Work?

The FDA-approved components plus all-natural oils come together to begin a procedure on the skin cacatalysislysis. It is explained by the company as follows:.

“Wartrol works just like a vaccine works: As it is sprayed on the affected area it gets in the bloodstream and stimulates the body immune system to produce minimal but effective
wart causing toxins which then helps the body to create antibodies that fight and destroy the warts.”

This way Wartrol will not only do away with the actual warts but also works in the prevention of future reappearances as the warts combating cells are in better shape for a future fight. It doesn’t fight HPV but can help with other type of wart outbreaks. And it does remove warts caused by HPV.

The manufacturer states that Wartrol uses numerous of the exact same base ingredients as skin doctors and medical professionals in their own workplaces but Wartrol utilizes the natural/organic forms so it’s much safer.

Getting real results with discomfort is a major benefit. Who wants to have a painful experience when trying to deal with a condition like getting rid of the warts caused by HPV?  The good news is that Wartrol is touted as a painless wart removal process. Just brush it on and wait for results.


Very Effective.

By the many comments and reviews from real individuals we can easily conclude that Wartrol is extremely effective, it might take a little patience but obviously Wartrol gets the job done.

Not Surgical Or Painful

The majority of warts Medical workplace treatments, are either uncomfortable or truly painful. This is something that most people find really humiliating. You can use Wartrol in the privacy of your home without anyone else knowing you are working on remediation. Not even the mail person will know.


Compared to office treatments and other expensive warts treatments in the marketplace, Wartrol is a bargain. Some Medical workplace wart treatments can quickly cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. You will find other affordable wart remedies, however the big problem is, that most of them will not do the job. For the actual cost and the occasional special offer or bonus, you probably won’t find a better deal on a better wart removal product.

Easy To Get.

Despite the fact that Wartrol is NOT available at your local drug store you can look at that as a benefit. When you order from their official website you are guaranteed of getting 100% Wartrol. And the website takes orders 24/7 and ships quickly.


No trips to a clinic or your doctor. The manufacturer guarantees that your order will deliver in a really discrete package; nobody will know.

Money Back Guarantee.

The manufacturer offers a generous 90 days money back guarantee.


It does take time for this product to work.  Do not anticipate seeing results on the first day. Topical products take time to work because of the nature of the ways warts grow.
You must be patient, diligent and continue to follow the directions for this product to work.

So What’s The Verdict?

Wartrol does remove warts. It won’t cure HPV (that’s a whole other topic), but it can get rid of the warts HPV can produce. If you want to use a safe, effective wart removal product Wartrol does a great job!

Will Wartrol work for everyone who’ll ever try it. Probably not. Then again many people won’t follow the instructions, or will give up before the end of the first week. The statistics seem to say that the people who use the product as directed for a few months are very happy with the results.

Please know that the longer you wait to start removing your warts the longer they will have to spread. And, the only way you’ll know 100% for sure whether Wartrol will work for YOU, is to actually try it.

I hope my Wartrol review helped you make an informed decision.

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