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People Say Wartrol Is A Scam

There is a lot of chatter on the internet about Wartrol. And of course, when anything becomes number one in a category there are a lot of people screaming “it’s a scam!!”. Let’s take a rational look at these comments. Most of the people screaming “Scam!”   It’s amazing how some of these comments don’t stand the test of separating fact from fiction regaring Wartol.

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Of course, there was a time when many of the people promoting Wartrol crossed the line and started making ridiculous claims about this product curing HPV. The truth is that Wartrol is a wart treatment that will help eliminate a wart. It doesn’t cure the underlying cause of the wart. In fact, at the moment there isn’t a cure for HPV. Wartrol does remove warts, it doesn’t cure HPV. So, yes, there were people advertising this product as a cure for HPV. That was wrong, and I guess you could call that a “scam”.

If you go to the official Wartrol site you will see the actual manufacturer doesn’t make such ridiculous claims.

The Wartrol wart treatment will help eliminate your embarrassing warts. It won’t land a man on the moon or make you rich and famous. It is simply one of the best, safest ways to eliminate unsightly warts. That part is not a scam.

But Wait, There’s More About This Wartrol Scam……

Again, if you look around the internet you’ll find quite a few people screaming that this product is a scam. A little further investigation and you’ll see that most of these comments (unfounded) end with a sales pitch for a competitors product. It is very similar to the Coke/Pepsi battle that has been going on for decades. Some companies attract customers by bashing the number one brand and product in the market. The fact that so many competitors are targeting Wartrol tells me that this is obviously a very popular product, and probably the number one product in the market at the moment.

Just try and find a negative Wartrol review, or scam comment that ISN’T promoting a competitors product!

And There’s More!

Here’s a video about this product…..

Do some surfing around and I think you’ll come to the same conclusion I did. The only people screaming that Wartrol is a scam are their competitors. Mostly you’ll find comments from satisfied customers, and disgruntled competitors. To me, that’s convincing evidence that this product works and is at the top of the pack.

Here’s a link to the manufacturers website..